Virtual Assistant


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Answer all incoming calls within 3 rings
  • To effectively manage each call as directed via the computerised console instructions
  • Each call is answered differently and the receptionist needs to be able to change how they answer the call and have a good understanding of English, with a high level of comprehension and be able to converse easily.
  • To take accurate and timely messages via email using outlook
  • To be comfortable in putting calls on hold to SOI standards- using the right language
  • To use professional, positive language at all times, such as: “Yes Certainly” “Thank you for holding” “Your welcome”
  • Ensure the callers experience is positive and seamless
  • To always act as a receptionist to each call and represent each different company as specified via the instructions on the console
  • Provide customer service support when required
  • Handle client complaints to SOI standards
  • To become an expert in using the computerized console, outlook and Microsoft office simultaneously. To be able to multi-task easily
  • Undertaking equipment and technology operation, maintenance and programming as required
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Why SOS Global?

At SOS Global, we make the outsourcing process seamless and easy for you.

We provide Recruitment, HR, Payroll and Support Services, Office Space and Computer Workstations so that you can just simply focus on your core business – all at the lowest possible cost.

There is no capital investment required and it only takes weeks, not months to set-up operations. You also don’t need to be familiar with Philippine corporate and labor laws.

You have complete operational control… its your team!

  • We recruit, You define
  • We screen and shortlist, You select
  • We skill, You train
  • Ecployed by us, dedicated to You
Established in 2013, SOS Global provides BPO and staffing services for our Australian clients. Profits come back and tax is paid in Australia.