Executive Assistant Outsourcing

Executive Assistant Outsourcing

An executive assistant is responsible for ensuring that senior managers and executive level staff “keep moving efficiently”. They handle all administrative tasks such as managing calendars, schedules and general administrative duties. The difference between an executive assistant and personal assistant or administrative support is that they are essentially the gatekeepers of executive’s time and are solely responsible for upper management administrative tasks. 

Executive assistant duties and tasks can include:

  • Keeping up-to-date with any internal or external correspondence that pertains to executives
  • Being the point of contact between senior management and fellow stakeholders
  • Organising meetings and handling correspondence
  • Maintaining schedules, travel itineraries and other relevant arrangements
  • Specific administrative tasks that pertain to the overall success of executive desks.

These executive assistant tasks are particularly well-suited to being outsourced. Organisations free up their local administration teams’ time by sending these tasks to outsourced executive assistants. This allows your onshore team to focus on performing higher value, revenue generating work.

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